Thursday, March 21, 2013

Authentique's Seasons collection: Spring

OK, who is getting a tad anxious here for Spring to finally arrive? Last year at this time it was in the 80's! LOL, that was weird, tho, wasn't it?

In keeping with my thoughts for Spring, I had a 2-page layout to do using Authentique's Seasons collection for Spring. I immediately knew what pictures I wanted to use: go WAY back, 13 years, to April 2000. I had only 2 kids then, and they were 3.5 years, and 7 months (those 2 are now 13 & 15!). This was the first day of that spring season where it was warm enough, and the grass was dry enough, to take the baby outside and sit him in the grass for the very first time.

Here is my baby touching grass for the very first time (and the toddler telling him all about grass):

You can see my post on ValByDesign here.

Have a wonderful weekend (and let's hope it doesn't snow too bad!)! 

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